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Sternchen Weeks

28.06. - 19.07.2014
Alpine Sleepover - It always has been and will be the highlight of the year!

From May until beginnings of October
Hay Snoring - Spend an unforgettable night in a bed of hay

Alpine Sleepover
from June, 28th until July 19th, 2014

It always has been and will be the highlight of the year for our guests, for our dog Zara and for myself (René). After detailed preparation and learning about the most important boy scout rules, we start our hike to the alpine pasture "Marienbergalm" and prepare ourselves for a night under the stars: build a fire place, collect a suficient supply of fire wood and put up our tents. At night we'll have a delicious meal and get comfortable telling exciting stories at the fire place. On the next morning we will have breakfast and do the milking for it ourselves. A very special adventure that only takes place twice a year.

Hay Snoring
from May until the beginning of October (according to weather conditions)

A night in a bed of hay is an unforgetable experience. In the middle of the Lärchenwiesen fields we built a typical hay barn. We will supply you with keys, sleeping bags and a torch; near the hay barn you will find a fire place and a well. Experience a unique nature event with your whole family.


€ 399,- *
statt € 455,-
469,- *
statt € 518,-
 497,- *
statt € 553,-
609,- *
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statt € 742,-
€ 455,-€ 518,-€ 553,-€ 665,-€ 742,-
€ 483,-€ 574,-€ 616,-€ 742,-€ 854,-
12.07.-30.08.14€ 532,-€ 651,-€ 693,-€ 826,-€ 931,-

Prices are per person for 8 days/7 nights including all benefits from above.

Children up to 2 years for free, up to 11 years Euro 10.-, up to 18 yrs Euro 25.- and above Euro 40.- (all per day). 

Suplement for single room: Euro 12.- to 20.-


Sternchen Weeks
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