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Family Offers

We have made a real effort to prepare compact and clear offers with a good value for money: natural in spring, exciting in summer, tasty in autumn, traditional arround Christmas, exclusive for New Year's Eve, adventurous in winter from January until March and a little bit warm again at Easter.

from € 469.–

12.04.14 - 02.11.14

8 days/7 nights STERN room + 7 days nature half-board + 5 days child care + 5 days nature program + petting zoo + hay snoring + panoramic sauna + Guest Cardmore

28.06. - 12.07.2014
Alpine Sleepover - It always has been and will be the highlight of the year!

From May until beginnings of October
Hay Snoring - Spend an unforgettable night in a bed of hay more