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The STERN Climate Protection Strategy: I take care of you. You take care of me.

Since 1509 the Foeger Family has been working as hosts and tavern owners; the family hotel STERN is now manged by the fifth family generation. The economic and social ressources of the family business have been well administered and the family did not follow any modern, short-term tourism trend. Each generation has made its contribution to hand over the family business with a good conscience to the next generation.

Since 2005 René Foeger is managing the family hotel STERN. Bearing in mind the traditional knowledge, the experience and sensitivity of his ancestors, René Foeger especially cares about the global challenges for our future generations: ressource conservation, climate protection and social progress.

EARDIG (ecological)

STERNs CO2 emissions are calculated every year and are listed in a climate balance sheet. Last year family hotel STERN emitted a total of 294.03 t CO2. In an international ranking this corresponds to climate category A. With special in-house measures the hotel is able to safe 5 – 10 % of emissions per year: use of green power, efficient heating and cooling, recycling, environmentally friendly cleaning system, reduced wrapping, focus on close business relations to local suppliers, using our own kitchen garden, etc. In addition, STERN continuously increases it’s cooperation with committed people, businesses and interest groups in our surroundings in the areas of construction & architecture, landscape gardening, sports equipment rental, suppliers (farmers and finishing businesses), as well as biologists and associations for environmental protection.

A stay at STERN is climate-neutral. This means that all the emissions that cannot be avoided, are blanced via two climate protection projects.

  1. Global/South Vietnam: Donation to a project by WWF Austria/Laos and the Austrian Federal Forest Association: Until 2015 the conservation area of Xe Pian should be further preserved and put under official protection, as it is an important CO2 reservoir and contains more than 29 eco systems. Reforestation, establishing a strong conservation area management and gaining the membership in the central and internationally recognized financing program REDD+ guarantee sustainable forest protection and good living conditions for the local people.
  2. Regional/Obsteig: Initiative project for regional common property and biodiversity. Together with Obsteigs fruit producers, commited people, suppliers and guests old fruit orchards are reforested. the goal until 2015: plant fruit trees and take care of them to enable and further push "mundräubern" in the region.

A STERN guest produces about 12.5 kg CO2 emissions per night. A CO2 calculator ( enables the guests to calculate their own CO2 holiday balance. Moreover, guests at STERN may experience how beneficial it is to shed CO2 pounds during their holidays. At night, guests may choose the "eardies" dinner with ingredients and products from local suppliers, or they may spend a night in the hay barn at the larch tree fields. STERN guests enjoy fruits and herbs harvested by themselves on a Pick & Berry tour or they participate in a hiking tour on the Gruenberg mountain. Public transport and a free hotel shuttle bus is always at their disposal. Guests who shed a lot of CO2 pounds during their stay are rewarded as STERN embassadors at their check-out. Furthermore, guests may post their climate protection tips at STERN blog and consequently participate in a yearly climate protection competition.

HUAMELIG (sozial)
STERN wants to offer its employees a working environment where everyone is able to make use of his abilities and personal interests, as well as respecting everyone's private needs. In this compassionate working environment every employee can participate in further trainings, flexible working hours are respected and continuously improved.

G'SCHMACKIG (economic)
STERN offers its guests healthy and tasty regional products. Behind every product there is a person or family business producing it that consequently contributes to prosperity and development of the region. Moreover, the chefs at STERN are using the products very carfully and make use of old recipies and experiences from ancient generations. The hotel offers seasonal dishes and products are bought "in one piece" and fully used. On a regular basis STERN offers vegetarian, seasonal and regional menus, not only to spoil the guests, but also to improve the climate consciousness of the employees and regional suppliers.

G'SELLIG (cultural connection, communication)
At the STERN blog „Huangarten“ (talk to each other) guests can talk to each other after getting to know each other at STERN projects during their holidays (Pick & Berry tours, reforestation, Hay Snoring, ski tours etc.) Also the employees make use of the blog and exchange their experiences with other like.minded people about the latest STERN climate protection projects (

Information about the STERN climate protection strategy: knallgrün – new eco • Andrea Dietl • Sonnenburgstraße 14 • A-6020 Innsbruck T +43 (0)664.216 19 16 •