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Eardig (Tyrolean: closely related to nature)

Eardiges in Summer

Pick & Berry Tours in Spring and Autumn

Our nature provides us with a lot of tasty treasures and freely accessible, wild growing food. Equipped with a picnic basket and a map and the help of our guests search for hidden finding spots and may enjoy their yield (wild herbs, berries, elder flower, nuts or fruits) right on the spot or take it back to the hotel. The chefs at STERN are always happy to welcome the guests with their treasures in the hotel kitchen. Your climate-neutral summer holiday in the Tyrol.

Herbs Tour & Cooking

Together with our herbs expert Elfi, STERN guests get an insight into the world of alpine herbs. During our tour you can not only find herbs for cooking or medicine, but also rare types that have almost been forgotten. STERN guests can try the herbs on spot or learn about their use in a small cooking lecture.


Be Part of the Rural Daily Life

Together with our local farmers we are looking forward to your help and support: afforesting and caring for our meadow orchards, pruning and cleaning our “Larchwiesen”-fields or helping during the hay season. Especially in spring and autumn there is a lot of work and STERN guests are always welcome to help.