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STERN History

The Föger Family: 1509 until today

The family name "Föger" has it's roots in the region of South Tyrol and originates from the profession of sword polishers, who were responsible to polish newly forged swords. In the late Middle Ages the Fögers moved to the Upper Inn Valley in North Tyrol. In 1509 they were granted their family coat of arms.

Chronicles by municipalities, churches or cloisters are hard to find from that times. Therefore, the next report about the family already goes back to the 18th century when the Fögers owned a tavern in the Fernpass region. In 1907, Alois and Franziska Föger decided to leave this region and become the owners of the STERN tavern in Obsteig.

  • Hotel Stern Obsteig Tradition
  • Traditions Wirtshaus Stern Mieming
  • Hotel Stern Mieminger Sonnenplateau
  • Tiroler Wirtshaus Hotel Stern Mieming

The STERN-hosts

Alois Föger
(1907-1915, † 1915)
Franziska Föger
(1907-1949, † 1960)
Hermann Föger sen.
(1949-1977, † 1986)
Adele Föger
Hermann Föger
Roswitha Föger
René Föger
(since 2005)