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The Sun Plateau of Mieming

 „The sunniest place in the Tyrol“

With more than 2,000 hours of sunshine per year the Sun Plateau of Mieming is one of the sunniest places in the region of the Tyrol and thanks to its altitude of 800 to 1150 m a.s.l. it offers a very mild climate.


In the mountains every season of the year has something special:

The Sun Plateau of Mieming is one of the first regions in the Tyrol that welcomes spring time. Already in April you can see the meadows starting to bloom, whilst there is still snow on the mountain tops. It's the perfect time for doing bike tours, hiking tours or play golf.

During mountain summer you can experience temperatures of over 30°C. Therefore, you should plan your sports activities for the morning hours and make use of the mountain lakes to cool down in the afternoons. At night there may be heat thunderstorms that cool down the air so that you can sleep well.

Autumn is the perfect time for hiking. Foehn-winds create stable weather conditions with comfortable temperatures and perfect mountain views. All the mountain huts are open and there is no snow on the mountain peaks. Between the midth of October until the midth of November you can be witness of the so called "golden autumn" when all the larch trees are full of golden leafes.

As the plateau is situated in a southwards direction, there is also a lot of sun in winter and we hardly ever have foggy days. Enjoy our wonderful natural landscape with a lot of sun, far from the loud and expensive skiing tourism.