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Landscape Conservation Area

Alpine Park and Lärchenwiesen Fields

The landscape at the Sun Plateau of Mieming was considered to be of special protection and was therefore declared Landscape Conservation Area.

  • Obsteig Naturschutzgebiet Larchwiesen
  • Obsteig Mieminger Plateau Naturschutzgebiet
  • Sonnenplateau Mieming Tirol Larchsteig
  • Sonnenplateau Mieming Tirol Larchsteig

Because of its very unique characteristics, the Alpine Park was founded by a group of committed farmers, biologists and citizens. When you follow the thematic paths, take a rest at the view points or participate in a guided tour, you can learn a lot about the nature of the Sun Plateau.

  • Alpine Park paths to Mooswiesen, Angertal, Innauen and mountain lakes
  • Larch tree path starting at the hotel
  • Path to the hay barn